unexpected views of London landmarks #1

view-iiIt’s one of the great joys of driving a cab (as opposed to being called a crook for deliberately choosing the route with the most traffic) when you come across a completely unexpected view of the city. It had sort of happened to me earlier in the day as I turned into Brixton Hill and you get that great view of the City, with The Gherkin perfectly framed. I’d love to have that view to show you right now but I was actually working, and punters don’t take kindly to you stopping to take a few snaps while the meter is running and they fret about the day ahead. That view, and many others, will have to form part of my hastily named & snappily titled new series – Long Roads in London with Great views, trust me, there are plenty of them. Fortunately, the cabbie gods smiled on me yesterday, and provided me with another view that was much more unexpected. Taking a nice lady from Marylebone station to Crouch Hill, I was feeling quite proud of my ability to actually remember the roads of north London. Normally, the mere mention of a destination north of Regent’s Park brings on an immediate nose bleed and palpatations, but with the aid of a few hints from my passenger I got to Crouch Hill no problem. Having remembered that Stapleton Hall Road leads straight into Ferme Park Road (my punters destination) we were home and dry. Up the hill we went and then, all of a sudden, there was Alexandra Palace staring me straight in the face. Whilst it must be nearly 2 miles away from the point this photo was taken, it felt like you could reach out and touch it. And thats, more or less, what I tried to do. Hastily bidding my punter goodbye (thanks for the tip, it all helps) I was straight round the block to the junction of Ridge Road & Ferme Park Road to take in the view and record it for this site. Now, all that is left, is for somebody to tell me where Ferme Park is. Nearby is a Stationers Park and a Priory Park but not a Ferme Park. Any of you norf Londoners help me out?


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