wandering around like a tit in a trance

Well I hate to break the news to the general public, but despite cab driver’s reputation for planet sized brains (see link), this particular brain was having a day off.  Not working due to childcare duties later in the day, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity at get into town and sort out the Xmas shopping.  I also wanted to visit The Best Pub In London (TM) for a leisurely pint and to take some photos.  The day didn’t get off to the best of starts though, with the sudden realisation when in PC World in Kensington, that I had left my wallet at home.  Bang goes the Xmas shopping, as the £20 cash in my back pocket wouldn’t really be sufficient, even with Woolies virtually giving stuff away before they disappear forever.  Then, with my brain trying to work out if I should just give up completely and go home, I stood on the up escalator for about 20 seconds before realising that it wasn’t working and I had to actually use my legs to walk up the bleedin’ thing.  No matter, I had already bagged my photos of the giant snowflake, (my first t’interweb scoop) and had Barkers in my sights before heading east to The Lamb.  But to fill in the time before The Lamb’s opening, I took the chance to wander off and investigate further some bits ‘n’ bobs that had come to my attention during working hours.
From top left, moving clockwise, the photos are; McCann Erikson building, Herbrand St, WC1; Exit at Maida Vale tube; THAT snowflake; Barbara Hepworth sculpture, John Lewis Oxford St; Barkers, Kensington and Robert Napier statue, next to Queen’s Gate Kensington.  You can see more images from my wanderings on my (new) flickr page, hope you enjoy!


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