keeping it in the family

he's called Peter, and he pleats

he's called Peter, and he pleats

It hasn’t been the greatest week in the Cabbie household.  Minor prang in the cab had brought forward my Xmas break by 3 or 4 days, which on the surface seemed no big deal.  Get the cab sorted by the end of the week and I’d see if there was any business around helping those last minute panic shoppers get around town.  It soon became obvious however that my insurance company & garage between them were not going to get their acts together in time to get the cab back before Xmas, let alone the New Year.  No matter, I had a long list of things to do, people to see, sport to watch on TV.

My enforced break started well, meeting some old friends in Moorgate and a night rounded off by a few margaritas (!!) somewhere in the Old St area.  Real life, and an excellent hangover, soon kicked in however, at about 6am the next morning when Mrs Cabbie alerted me to the fact that the Cabbette had been puking her guts up all night.  What followed was 3 days of recuperation for the Cabbette, who then managed to pass on her germs to Mrs Cabbie in time for her to spend most of her Xmas do in the toilet, before she’d even had a drink.  Not good.  Thus far I have remained immune to the stomach bug, finally putting to bed the “men are complete wusses” line.  3 days of mopping fevered brows and making tea & toast was starting to turn me into some sort of zombie and a trip to the post office on Saturday morning was a huge relief.

While Mrs Cabbie was still feeling very delicate on Sunday morning, the Cabbette seemed back to her usual bright & cheery self.  Not wanting to spend any more time couped up in Tooting, I offered the Cabbette use of her own camera if she would come with me on a reconnaissance trip for the cabbies capital.  So the deal was done and off we headed on a tour, the results of which are on my flickr page, along with the Cabbette’s photos.  I have put a couple of (what I think anyway) her best efforts under the Cabbette’s London as well.  Blackfriars Rd, Southwark St, London Wall, Gt Eastern St, St Pancras, Percy Circus and Theobalds Rd all visited and recorded in the matter of a few hours.  The Cabbette only seemed to get bored on the way home, which led to these kinds of photos;

burger king - clapham south

burger king - clapham south

which, to me anyway, have a certain, er, something about them.  But all in all, a very successful trip made all the better for me ’cause I finally got some photos of Peter the Pleater, a blind makers on Great Eastern St.  This shop name is up there with Jim’ll Mix It, the concrete mixers, as one of the great business names and I always look out for this shop when I’m in the area.  So I finally managed to get it recorded properly and the Cabbette is showing excellent signs of enjoying being dragged round random bits of London.

Some more considered posts will follow to talk about what I went to see and why, but for now I’m just happy to a) not be ill and b) have kick started the Cabbette’s journey into London obsession.  Although that journey may have taken a wrong turn as , after talking about starting her own blog, she decided to do one about this.  Not exactly what I had in mind.


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