no they don’t……

clam down, calm down...

clam down, calm down...

….yes they do, no they don’t, yes they do, NO THEY DON’T!!  It seems from this sign, that a battle between the two premier leg powered forms of transport is about to erupt in SW17.  Despite Wandsworths best efforts to keep these uneasy bedfellows apart through clear signage and demarcation of the paths across the common, someone, clearly, is still very upset about cyclists who are either not riding slowly or giving way to pedestrians.  Or, quelle horreur, both.  Let’s hope that 2009 doesn’t  become known as the year of the Great Cycle/Pedestrian War of Tooting.  Wasn’t it just easier when there was one path that people shared, and then did their best not to run each other over?  As those crazy petrol-heads would say, everyone is probably too busy looking at all the signs to concentrate on their walking and/or cycling.  St George’s A&E is full to the brim with the casualties.

the calm before the storm

the calm before the storm


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