I love city snacks

city-snacksThere are many places in London that should have a preservation order slapped on them, and this place is currently top of my list.  29 Theobalds Road, right near the junction with Lambs Conduit Street, just so you can’t miss it.  A quick search in Westminster on English Heritage’s buildings at risk register seems to show, as an example, that half the buildings on Gloucester Place are “at risk”.  But, call me heartless if you like, I can’t get too upset about these buildings.  Despite the current economic gloom somebody will see them as an opportunity to make some money and they’ll get saved.  And they are just buildings after all.

But places like City Snacks are a completely different kettle of fish.  They are part of the community and actually provide brilliant food with great service at prices that don’t break the bank.  With Starbucks & Cafe Nero seemingly omnipresent, these kind of places are getting rarer and rarer.  They may not do your fav Caramel Macchiato or even an Orange Mango Banana Vivanno (TM!) Nourishing Blend (what the fark?) but they will make you a bloody good sandwich and a coffee that actually tastes of coffee.  I am guilty of using Cafe Nero way too much, but after spending a lot of time waiting behind people ordering “decaf, skinny latte, and go easy on the decaf” drinks (just have a glass of water FFS!), my new years resolution is to start using places like City Snacks a lot more.  Due to my job, I can’t always be in the right part of town to use them, but I vow right now, in front of all 8 of my readers, to cut down on my Cafe Nero habit and to do my bit to keep City Snacks and their like afloat.  I hope some of you chose to join me.


3 thoughts on “I love city snacks

  1. A cabbie recommended this place – I was early for an appointment nearby and needed breakfast and coffee.

    This is a gem – you can keep your Neros and Starbucks – this is a warm, welcoming and completely lovely cafe. It was reasonably priced – real butter on the bread, nice bacon and the egg lovely….

    Fabulous cafe – eclectically decorated – to be honest I could have stayed there all day!

  2. I used to work in the big orange building opposite City Snacks. Loved the place. And Woolies (sandwich shop, not the defunct retailers) next door is also very good, particularly for veggie food. And while you’re at it, go for a hair cut in the adjacent hairdressers. They’re a bunch of loveable rogues who eye up all the passing women and banter about their exploits while cutting your hair.

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