london’s least used roads #2 – royal college st & st pancras way, NW1

sphaIn these troubled times even bloggers are forced into desperate attempts to get people in the door to buy read their shite.  Therefore in the spirit of the January sales that started, it seems, back in August, I give you two “least used” roads for the price of one.  And they really do come as a complimentary pair, running parallel to each other and one way in opposite directions.  With the recession biting ever deeper, there must be a real possibility that these roads could be merged to form the mightiest least used road in the whole of London.  The Lloyds TSB and HBOS of the forgotten roads of London sector.  I’m not sure which road would be considered senior partner in the merger, although my money would be on Royal College Street, but perhaps it could end up being called RCSSPW or Royal Pancras SW.  Camden could then run a Norwich Union/Aviva style campaign to make sure all those people that don’t use the roads at the moment, carry on not using them.  The possibilities seem endless.


how about making the sign wider?

But let me at least talk to you for a bit about the roads themselves.  Just to the north of Kings Cross & St Pancras Stations (and those nasty queues of cabs)  the roads start life together.  Only split by Goldington Buildings, they spring from the junction of Pancras Road & Crowndale Road in the south, then merge together again at the junction of Kentish Town Road in the north. In fact,when you look at an A-Z, you wonder why the two roads were ever built so close together.  I assume it was something to do with the canal or railways, or both.  In fact, I haven’t got a clue so please someone, enlighten me.  Royal College St will take you north, St Pancras Way back to the safety of the south.  The photos I took have had no cars cut out of them (I wouldn’t know how to) and were taken at lunchtime on a Friday, so I think they give a good idea of how few cars are using these roads.  But, unlike least used London road #1, these 2 roads do get used a lot by us cabbies, just not by many other people it seems.  So when you see Bruce Willis and Ringo Starr telling you how roads need to adapt with the times and get hip new names, you’ll know that one or the other of these great roads might be for the chop.

And you can see more of the photos I took here; Flickr.


royal college st looking north


st pancras way looking south towards the junction of camden road


3 thoughts on “london’s least used roads #2 – royal college st & st pancras way, NW1

  1. I use these quite a bit too. They’re great cycle routes, as you can imagine. I second M@’s explanation concerning the Fleet.

    The Gold-ington Bvild-ings were the first social housing in the borough of St. Pancras. Quite a pioneering and characterful building, which unfortunately did not set an enduring trend.

  2. Should have asked you first M@!! I really like these roads, especially St Pancras Way for some reason. It has an industrial feel to it that you don’t really get anywhere else that is quite so close to the centre of town.

  3. I use them! Well, I did. To get to my former workplace, I walked from Chalk Farm to King’s Cross every day for a year and a half, and regularly used these two routes. You’re right, they are both very quiet, even though plenty of people live down them.

    Between the two roads runs the course of the River Fleet, now underground. St Pancras Way is an ancient track and predates Royal College Street. The latter was built to accommodate the Royal Veterinary College, which presumably could not have been constructed on St Pancras Way due to marshy ground.

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