unexpected views of London landmarks #2

London eh?  You go out thinking you’ll just take a few photos of empty streets (it’s all the rage it seems) for your own amusement.  But oh no, London just won’t let you do that will it?  That would be dull and London doesn’t like dull.  So, as I wandered around the delights of Camden enjoying the relative tranquility of a post Xmas London, this city that I love did it to me again.

Heading south down St Pancras Way I walked under this railway bridge; railway-bridge

got slightly distracted by this sign on the aforementioned railway bridge;bridge-sign1

only to look up and then see this image; slightly hazy but most definitely the Post Office Tower, lurking behind The Enterprise.  (the pub not the spaceship)


And then, just as I’d got over the shock and was ready to do some work (actually to get my lunch from City Snacks) there it is again from, seemingly, from a completely different angle down a side street.  Now, the Post Office Tower is stalking me……….



One thought on “unexpected views of London landmarks #2

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