it’s only rock ‘n’ roll………


…..but I like,  like it, yes I do.  Given that The Rolling Stones released It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (IORR) in 1974 (please let Wikipedia have got that right ’cause I wouldn’t know), is this the oldest bit of graffiti in London?

I was only 6 at the time, so excuse me for any technical details I get wrong, but these bits of graffiti appeared all over London as part of the PR campaign for IORR.  That’s according to my sketchy memory of the Robert Elms radio programme that alerted me to the existance of this 70’s relic, and I have no reason to doubt Sir Robert.  Graffiti campaigns seemed to be a common occurrence in the slightly more scruffy version of London that existed in the ’70’s.  When I see stuff like this around town, I can almost smell the rotting piles of rubbish, Jack Regan schreeching around corners in his Granada/Ford Consul GT……(drifts off in a ’70’s nostalgia haze……)

Bonus point for all those that can tell me the location of this graffiti.  And please, if it isn’t original and somebody daubed it up there in 1994, don’t spoil the fun by telling me.


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