cheyne walk, is it just me…….

cheyne-walk-commerative-lampost…….or is it stuck in some sort of other dimensional time-warp?  After working out that my best route to The Chelsea Ram for pre-match drinkies yesterday was on the 319 bus, I took the opportunity to have a short stroll along Cheyne Walk.  Just the previous day whilst working, I had noticed the most ornate lamppost in London (a big claim I know but there, I’ve said it) and duly noted it for future investigation.  So by happy chance, the prospect of a few pints before Chelsea v Stoke (I won’t bore you with Chelsea’s miraculous final minutes escape) brought me within a few yards of the previously mentioned lamppost.  My curiosity defeated my thirst and off I went to have a look, and to your left you can see the photo I took of this excellent lamppost.  Except it isn’t really just any old lamppost, it is a commemorative lamppost, erected to mark the building of Chelsea Embankment in 1874 by that great Londoner Joseph William Bazalgette.  So that was quite easy, I’d sorted that lamppost out quicker than a Chelsea equalizer & winner against Stoke.  (sorry, no more footy talk – promise)

cheyne-walk-lionBut as is always the way with these things that wasn’t the only thing that caught my attention.  Right by Battersea Bridge is Crosby Hall, whose doorway is guarded by two lions, one of which you can see over there to your left.  It’s one of those places that I have seen so many times without ever really taking proper notice of it.  So with the benefit of t’interweb (and M@’s Flickr photostream to identify the place initially!) I give you a brief history of Crosby Hall; built in the 15th century; Shakespeare set part of Richard III in it; owned by Richard III whilst he was Duke of Gloucester; also owned by Thomas More; moved from it’s original Bishopsgate location in 1910 so a bank could build it’s offices on the land (lucky really as it would have been destroyed in the Bishopsgate IRA bomb attack); re-built by University & City Association of London (who?) and now owned privately apparently. (who the fark can afford to own that?)  Quite a history wouldn’t you say?  Certainly beats just sitting there in Thomas Mores old orchard (don’t you just love Google) for the past 500 years.  If you’re going to be a grand building in London you may as well move about a bit, can get boring otherwise.

And finally I give you the Cheyne Walk Hall of Fame;

  • Keith Richards lived at number 3
  • George Eliot @  4
  • Lloyd George @  10
  • Ralph Vaughan Williams @ 13
  • Cecil Gordon Lawson @15
  • Rossetti @ 16
  • Whistler @ 21, 96 & 101 (that’s just greedy)
  • Henry James @ 21 (not with Whistler I think?!)
  • Mick Jagger @ 48
  • Sir Marc Brunel @ 98
  • Sir Philip Steer @ 109
  • J.M.W. Turner @ 119
  • Sylvia Pankhurst @120
  • George Best (not sure which no but within staggering distance of the Phene Arms no doubt)
  • Lawrence Olivier & Jill Esmond (don’t know which no)

Quite a roll call.  Some of you may point out that Canadian plod rocker Bryan Adams has a converted pub on Cheyne Walk but I hate the bloke so, wanted to leave him out.  But I’ve just gone and mentioned him haven’t I? – bowlacks.  Anyhoo, that’s my little bit on Cheyne Walk, I leave you with a  couple of photos from my walk;



6 thoughts on “cheyne walk, is it just me…….

  1. I shudder at the thought of having to share a fence with a feminist. I’m sure the movement led us in the right direction, but it just kept on moving when it should have stopped.

  2. I really enjoy your blog, interesting stuff. I think I like it because I live in NZ and we have no interesting history and we’re only 170 years old so the history we do have, isn’t really history so much as “guess what happened to my grandpa once?” I’m such a big JMW Turner fan, it seems funny to think of his as a real person living in a home, with an address..

  3. The front of Crosby hall looks pretty new, I thought it had just been refurbed! All the stuff I found online said it’s 16th century but maybe that is the bit behind the facade….interesting!

  4. Hi from

    That’s just a shameless plug for my blog

    Last Christmas I saw the aforementioned lampost adorned with Santa hats on the two cherubs heads, pity I didn’t have a chance to take a photo.
    Speaking of which the statute of Isambard Kingdom Brunel at Temple Place has a head that’s just the perfect size for a traffic cone, keep an eye on it.
    Saw Mick Jagger (looking bloody miserable and old) walking along Cheyne Walk recently didn’t know he lived there.
    Check out your facts re Crosby Hall, I though it was a new build, and attached to a 15c church.
    I remember watching a documentary of bricklaying (allright I know that’s geeky) where they featured this pseudo Tudor building . . . but I might be wrong, I’ll check it out.

    Oh! Nearly forgot, the grandson of Joseph William Bazalgette, Peter Bazalgetta, now runs a television programme making company putting on the likes of Big Brother.
    So you see directing shit around the capital runs in the family.

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