lamppostBlogging, it seems, can be a perilous business.  Open your heart to the great wide world of t’interweb, and some bugger goes and tells you that you’ve  made a complete dog’s dinner of your facts.  This time, however, my post on Cheyne Walk didn’t even make it as far as being published before Mrs Cabbie had “a word” in my shell like.  “Most ornate lamppost in London eh?  I’ll be the judge of that” she said (or words to that effect).  And went on to point out that not only should I know of an equally ornate lamppost, it is virtually on our doorstop.  So feeling slightly chastined and more than a little foolish, I used my personal parking space (the beautifully positioned 2 cab rank) outside Tooting Broadway tube to put things right.  And here are the results of that trip down the road.  And doesn’t it look good?  I won’t say better than the Chelsea Embankment memorial lamppost (I need to save a little face here) but certainly it’s equal.  So, with apologies to Mrs Cabbie and the whole of Tooting, here are a couple more photos for your enjoyment.



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