Ipswich to resign from Football League


as seen at yesterday's magnificant win by Chelsea over Ipswich

With immediate effect, Ipswich will be resigning from the Football League.  As the above banner shows, their fans have had enough and are taking their (leather laced no doubt) football elsewhere.  Expect all the Ipswich players to now sell their 4×4’s and start walking, or getting the bus, to training and matches.  No players will be signed by the club unless they are called Stan, Fred or Jim.  Ticket prices will tumble to enable all fans to get into the match, have a half time bovril, buy a programme and still have change from a £1.  But who will they play?  Who might be next on the crusade against modern football?  Not Chelsea that’s for sure, maybe West Ham?  Or that other East Anglian giant, Norwich?  That would be perfect.  They could have their anti-modern football derby every week and never have to leave the Fenlands.  Go on Ipswich, I dare you to do it – resign.


5 thoughts on “Ipswich to resign from Football League

  1. You’re not bitter about beating a team who are placed an entire division lower than you are you? (That said, I’m particularly proud we saw the need to hyphenate Modern and Football.)

    • Mark

      Not sure what you’re saying here. Why would I be bitter? My description of Chelsea’s win as “magnificent” was ironic to say the least. 2 good free kicks was about all that separated the teams on Saturday, relief was about the strongest emotion I felt. As for the banner, I just don’t see the point of it. Football sold it’s soul many years ago, that particular horse has bolted I’m afraid.

  2. Norwich and Ipswich could be like the Harlem Globetrotters and … er … that team they always palyed. They could rock the world of the good folk of Lowestoft and then on to the bright lights of Lincolnshire.

    Imagine the glamour.

    • boo – I have nothing against the sentiment, just think we are all about 20 years too late to start worrying about it. I hate loads of stuff about modern football which, eventually, will make me stop going. But I haven’t reached that point yet.

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