found down the back of London’s sofa #1


I’m worried that I may have spoilt you all with my last post.  Interactive map?  What was I thinking?  So it’s back to basics, no frills today.  The start of a new series of posts that couldn’t be easier really, for me or you, my lovely readers/followers/stalkers.  It will go something like this;

  1. I do my day to day job as per normal.
  2. I see something.
  3. It isn’t big or clever.
  4. But it is something I think you won’t have noticed yourselves.
  5. I will take a photo of it.
  6. I will post it on here and tell you where it is.
  7. And there isn’t a 7, that’s it.

And what has the privilege of being first in this new series?  Well it’s a window.  It’s in Old Church St, SW3 just north of the junction with King’s Road.  And it has the panes at the top of the window painted to depict the months of the year.  Painted it has to be said it what can only be described as quite a naive, perhaps childish, style.  An old nursery perhaps or artists studio?  We are after all just around the corner from Chelsea Arts Club in the heart of, possibly, London’s most artsy area.  I don’t know it’s history so answers on a, calendar themed, postcard please.






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