building of the week # 1

doulton-factoryOK, maybe I’m getting lazy or maybe what I want this blog to be about is just starting to get a bit more focused.  Either way I’m bringing you another Cabbies Capital series, Building Of The Week. (quick nod in the direction of Cabbie)  Although I’m already regretting the self imposed pressure of making it one building a week.  Nonetheless I am starting with a good Sarf London building, just tucked away round the back of Albert Embankment, the (ex) Doulton Factory.

Built in 1879 when the waterfront here in Lambeth had many potteries, Doulton was to become internationally renowned and even had it’s own company dock.   The Museum of Garden History, which is just around the corner next to Lambeth Palace, and has been known to keep Grandma Cabbie busy for many hours, has an excellent local history section on it’s website & includes some great photos of the area in the 19th Century.  The whole of what is now Albert Embankment was quite industrial and included vinegar works, stone works, bone crushing and shot & musket works.  The encroachment of the city to the south and west, and the building of Albert Embankment itself in the 1860’s, was the signal for the decline in industry around this area, although Doulton’s Factory operated right up until the mid 1950’s, by which time it had moved most of it’s operations elsewhere.  You can see the sort of thing the factory made by clicking on the link.  Now converted into offices and known as Southbank House it’s something of a surprise, and no small pleasure, to see that this building has survived in some form at least.



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