long roads in london with great views

I need to get a better camera

I need to get a better camera

Some time ago, back when I was a fresh faced blogger I started a series of posts; Unexpected Views of London Landmarks, with a post about Ally Pally. In it I talked about other views of London that I came across; Long Roads In London with Great Views, but have never got around to posting any.  Maybe my imagination was playing tricks on me at the time, and none really exist out there, but the view that started off that train of thought is the one in the picture above.  But rather than start yet another series (I think Building of the week, London’s Least Used Roads, found down the back of London’s sofa, Useless London, Unexpected Views etc.. is enough to be getting on with) I thought I should at least try to show you this view, then perhaps post the occasional one when the feeling arises.  So now I can split my posts into regular series, occasional series and just plain random posts.  All of which must be fascinating reading I’m sure.

Bit of a shame then that this view isn’t shown off by a better photo.  But taking the photo from my cab using my mobile phone whilst driving whilst safely parked at the side of such a busy road isn’t easy.  And no matter that I have an 8mp camera phone, if the subject isn’t within about 5ft it still takes pretty ropey pictures.  Never mind, hopefully the photo gives you a flavour of the grand view that you get coming down Brixton Hill, with the Gherkin, Tower 42 (NatWest Tower to those of us 40+) and the City framed by a tree lined road and, er, buses.  Enjoy.


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