building of the week #3, Libeskind Building, Holloway Road


I’m not intending to write too much about this building, I’m just going to present it to you as is.  There it lies about halfway up Holloway Road looking like some giant space baby has dropped it’s futuristic lego on the floor. You can read more about it by following the links below, there are lots of better photos than those I’ve taken and you can even see some initial drawings and plans.  I haven’t been inside this building so I can’t say if it is practical or not, but I like it a lot.  Something about it appearing where you’d least expect it.  Holloway Road is one of those parts of London that doesn’t show any signs of changing, un-gentrified and proud of it.  And I think that makes it all the more remarkable that’s it there, and despite it’s radical design it doesn’t even make that much fuss about itself.  As I said, I like it – what do you think?

Daniel Libeskind Site

Galinsky Building Database



4 thoughts on “building of the week #3, Libeskind Building, Holloway Road

  1. The architect is Daniel Libeskind, the reigning clown-prince of architecture. He throws out these dumb pointy forms the world over with no regard for local context, neighborhood scale or any other appealing quality. This was his second or third building and he’s gotten worse with time.

    Libeskind method of design (if it can be called that), feeds on people’s aesthetic insecurities. They are afraid to say what everyone knows (i.e. that this is a pile of quasi-intellectual crap), for fear of being sen as a philistine.

    However, with a number of failed buildings behind him, Libeskind’s always precarious reputation is in now in steep decline. I don’t think he’ll be getting away with his BS much longer.

    • You don’t like it then? Lol! Well I’m not afraid to say that I like this building. It’s almost certainly widely impractical and out of context with it’s locality but that is what appeals to me, the fact that it’s there on the Holloway Road of all places.

  2. I work at London Met University, so I can give you a bit of background – this is actually just a very small building that covers a hideously ugly connecting part of the uni buildings, and occupies a space where some bike parking was. It’s all been done on the (comparative) cheap for a Leibeskind building – the finish is a bit shoddy inside, but it’s basically a glamour building to either:

    a) draw in the punters
    b) feed the egos of the grossly overpaid management of the university.

    I leave it in your good hands to work out which of these is the correct answer (bearing in mind that through management incompetence, funding has been cut and they claim they have to make upwards of 500 people redundant, but are somehow unable to withhold their own bonuses for the year).

    In brighter news, did you hear the (probably apocryphal) story that someone phoned the fire brigade on 999 during the construction of this building in order to say that there’d been a terrible disaster, and a building had collapsed?

    • I heard about the impending redundancies, there’s been some dodgy accounting going on or something hasn’t there? It seems a shame if the building was just built as some sort of vanity project while the rest of the Uni is managed poorly.

      Thanks for the comments though, I hope the 999 story is true!!

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