where the street has no name….

At the risk of ruining a few peoples idea that a Cabbies life is full of coppers jumping in the cab shouting “Follow that motor,” or A list slebs snorting cocaine off each others body parts, 90% of a Cabbies life is pretty mundane.  Which is why I find myself taking photos of strange bits of London, or just plain boring bits.  Here is a fine example;


beautiful, no?

This is the RAFT (aka Gatwick Express) entrance at Victoria, where I often head when I am looking for a bit of a rest.  Anyway, the photos at the top of this post are all of the same, reasonably major, road in London taken as I went to an account job a while back and got stuck in traffic.  Big kudos (but no prize I’m afraid) to the first person to tell me the name of the road.

Click on an image to get a bigger version of the picture, the ones of the bus, van & part of my cab may not be 100% useful.  Have fun.


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