newman & percy passage

newman-passageRegular readers of this blog will have already picked up on my penchant for a good lamppost.  Combine that with a tucked away bit of London and I couldn’t walk past Newman Passage yesterday without having a nose around and taking a few piccies.  I will forgive myself for never having been here before, it’s not a part of town I know very well, and even given the predilection of some knowledge examiners for asking obscure places, it didn’t crop up while I was on the knowledge.

On my way back from a secret location, where me and my cab had both briefly been the centre of attention, I was really just killing time.  It was far too early to even think about working.  Have you seen how many cabs have their lights on at 11am?  So having done my good dead for the day (those papers are coming Jonathan) I was looking for somewhere to rest my brain and have a coffee.  You can’t just dive into work willy nilly can you?  These things take time and planning, recklessness can be a very dangerous thing.

But back to my passages (‘insert’ your joke here).  Make your way up Newman St, past the sorting office where there the most famous Banksy lives and you will find Newman Passage on your right.  It takes a sharpish left to become Percy Passage and suddenly you are in Rathbone Street, next to the Newman Arms Pub.  Percy Passage then continues over the road, finally emerging in Charlotte Street, next to the hotel named after the street.  If your credit hasn’t been well & truly crunched, I can recommend the Bloody Mary’s in the Charlotte Street Hotel bar.  What better way to end a bit of poking in & around London’s passages?


One thought on “newman & percy passage

  1. Tigger (my partner) has a great interest in architecture and has shown me some wonderful things in London. She often says “Look at that lamp!” so I have become more aware of them in all their variety and elegance. Nice to see some more examples.

    I love these lanes and passages (or “twittens” as they are called in Sussex) and have added Percy Passage to my list of places to visit.

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