blowing my own trumpet…..


A quick welcome to those that may be coming by here due to my appearance in TIME OUT today…thanks for visiting The Cabbies Capital, I hope you find something of interest here.  You can have a look at some of the language of the cab trade in the Cabbies Phrasebook, or get my tips for hailing a cab.  Elsewhere you can see some of my favourite buidlings and my general London Loves.  For those who’d like to see some slightly more unusual bits of London you can look at my unexpected views of London Landmarks or London’s Least Used Roads.

If you want to get a flavour for the general working day of a London cabbie you can follow me on Twitter, where I often talk nonsense but eventually get round to recording my working day, particularly on Fridays.


2 thoughts on “blowing my own trumpet…..

  1. M@ – I still have most of my knowledge stuff. The Blue Book runs, database of points etc…you’re more than welcome to have a copy! Shouldn’t take you too long to walk the 320 runs….

  2. Well, as someone who comes here everyday (at least via RSS), I’d just like to say what a great contribution to Time Out that was. Excellent stuff. You’ve inspired me to get a Blue Book and attempt to learn the knowledge on foot. A good issue all round, what with Jane’s piece, the baroque stuff and the reasons to be cheerful. Time Out – you can still be brilliant.

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