cabbieTrack (TM) – now there’s no hiding


31st March 2009 (click for larger image)

A new joint venture between Cabbies Capital Inc & Blacko Enterprises is delighted to announce the launch of cabbieTrack (TM) Beta version.  No longer will my movements remain a mystery to the Cabbie Family (gulp) or the world at large.  Thanks to the winning combination of cutting edge technology (an old Nokia 6300 & left over Palm GPS receiver) and leading software development (a bit of free stuff downloaded off t’interweb) cabbieTrack brings you the leading, some would say premier, cabbie tracking system in the World.  Testing is ongoing after initial trial runs found a couple of teething problems.  Users can’t always be relied upon to check the battery status of the hardware, and the software ever so slightly freaked out when the tester took it over the Greenwich Meridian.

But initial feedback from the coalface has been positive and you can view the early output from the system above & below.  Further testing is continuing & a variety of outputs will be available in future.  Included in this will be an amalgamated view of days/weeks/months worth of data once it is available.  Initial results from this feature have proved highly entertaining interesting, with the Thames, Hyde Park & other large natural ‘obstacles’ starting to show up in the tracking image.

We hope you enjoy these images, any further enquiries should be forwarded to The Exhibit Bar, 12 Balham Station Road – birth place to this particular flight of fancy from Cabbies Capital.  Brilliantly brought to reality by the only decent scouser in existence (he’s from Oxford anyway) I think this particular feature has many more miles to run (excuse the pun).  Finally, kudos to anyone who, without a visit to Google or an A-Z, can identify the destinations at the far reaches of the maps.  Have fun. We have.

2nd April 2009 (click for larger image)

2nd April 2009 (click for larger image)

3rd April 2009 (click for larger image)

3rd April 2009 (click for larger image)


3 thoughts on “cabbieTrack (TM) – now there’s no hiding

  1. Superb

    How do you do this – I’d love to have this set up for when I’m out pointing! Certainly show how much (or little) I cover on a weekend!


  2. Rich, I think that you should then print the cabbietrack results on high quality photo stock, enlarge them, and then sell them as art.

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