unexpected views of London landmarks #3


My self imposed week off blogging has now resulted in a bit of a back log of things & stuff for me to talk about.  Not helped by the unscheduled and completely mind blowing visit to 18 Folgate Street on Sunday (see below for my post about it).  I couldn’t not talk about that could I?  So the backlog gets even bigger.  Apologies in advance then for what may well turn into a barrage of posts over the next few days.  Not normally needing much of an excuse to leave work until later and/or another day, I can already see a frantic end to the week trying to hit my target, and my usual rule of not working at weekends having to be broken.  But enough of my domestic nonsense, let’s try and concentrate on the job in hand shall we?

The picture above is pretty self explanatory to be honest, doesn’t really require a lot explaining, which is nice.  Taken from Ebury Bridge (it’s a railway bridge in case you thought you’d missed out on a new bridge spanning the Thames) looking pretty much due south, you get a great vista that includes the mainline rail tracks heading out of Victoria, Battersea Power Station and almost unnoticed between the new development of “riverside apartments” on the right, the accumulator tower for the Pimlico Pumping Station.  Born about 200 yards from where this photo was taken, I’m finding myself more & more drawn to this part of London – must be something to do with my age I guess.  Expect more whimsical musings about Pimlico in the near future.  For the moment though, just enjoy the view.


6 thoughts on “unexpected views of London landmarks #3

  1. During August the land to the north and around the power station will be used to stage a freestyle motocross event; ramps, mounds, jumps, spectator stands, media rigs and screens, as well as merchandising accommodation, fencing, lighting (including 4 cranes) and parking will all be built on the site. Us local residents have been told to write directly to Wandsworth Borough Council if we have any comments, as our views will be taken into account when the planning application is being considered. There is no indication as to exactly how much noise the event will generate – I’ll probably move out for a couple of days!

  2. Great picture. It has good depth and I like the railway lines leading into the picture in a nice ‘bend’. Reminds me of some of my own pics of railway lines taken from the top of Sear’s Tower in Chicago (see my Flickr).
    A bedside table left upside down is a very good way of describing it. Another (possibly more perverted view) could be a dead cow lying on its back during foot & mouth….

    In any case – it’s a good landmark.

  3. Great photo. A similar view from the other side of the power station (i.e. looking north), can be seen from the platform bridge at Wandsworth Road station.

  4. This is a vista that we often see as we head south on the train (we don’t have a car) for a visit to Brighton, Eastbourne or Hastings.

    From a distance the Battersea Power Station always makes me think of a bedside table left upside down. It really is time they did something interesting with this iconic landmark.

    • SilverTiger – I am deeply pessimistic about the future of the power station. Especially in the current climate. It’s such a huge site that it needs someone with very deep pockets to sort it out. And, strangely given the amount of trainlines that surround it, transport links aren’t very good for that area. There has even been talk of Chelsea FC (my team) building a stadium there, but I can’t see that ever happening.

      Let’s hope somebody does something though, all that’s happening at the moment is that it’s rotting away.

      • I echo your sentiments. So many structures worth saving have been allowed to decay and to be replaced with modern tat. Let’s hope the site at least will be put to a noble purpose.

        My son is, or was, a Chelsea fan. He has now moved to Durham, so doesn’t find it quite so easy to get to matches.

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