riding the (reverse) green wave – almost.

Like London itself, the cab trade is full of shit interesting stories, myths and general nonsense.  But one of my favourite cabbies things is trying to “ride the green wave” from King’s Cross to the Marylebone flyover.  This is when you drive that whole stretch without hitting one red light along the way.  No-one is actually sure if it’s been done or not but there are plenty of, probably apochryphal, stories of cab drivers carrying on journeys all the way to the Marylebone Flyover to complete the Green Wave, despite their punters only wanting to go to Baker Street.

I certainly haven’t done it, but last night taking a lovely couple from the Albert Hall to King’s Cross I had a good run at it, albeit in reverse.  From the top of Gloucester Place I sailed along, past crap old Madame Tussauds, weird old Regent’s Park and on through the Euston Underpass, only to be pulled up several sets of lights short at the junction of Euston Road & Gordon Street.  Bugger.  One day though, I will do it…….


2 thoughts on “riding the (reverse) green wave – almost.

  1. Do you have to complete this Green Wave with a fair in the back for it to be viable!!?? I am doing the knowledge and funny enough i did a run the took me from Kings cross to Marylebone fly over… I think i must have hit every red light!!

    • I think the green wave is open to all, cab drivers or other, with or without fares! Like you I tend to hit every red light rather than the green ones.

      Good luck with the knowledge – it is worth it, so keep plugging away!!

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