4-5-6 SUGARS….

4 or 5 sugarsI took the this photo ages ago, the sign is pinned on the the Green Hut in Hanover Square, which has a very handy rest rank – perfect for those cabbies that need to urgently visit the Apple Store on Regent Street.

But that isn’t the purpose of my post, it’s all about the sign.  This sign throws up many questions, the answers to which I am at a loss to even guess at.  Coffee is 25% more expensive than tea, hot chocolate & bovril 150% more expensive, and a cappuccino 100% more expensive than a normal coffee. As price structures go, it seems a bit arbitrary to say the least and I really do need to try a cappuccino from here as I’m sure they don’t have a proper espresso machine.  I suspect it might be of the packet variety.

But the stand out feature of this sign is the bit at the bottom.  Those of a more sneaky disposition than yours truly might try and whip up a ” cabbies sugar surcharge” type controversy, but I’m just amazed that there is any need for the sign in the first place. 4, 5 or 6 sugars!!!  In one cup of tea???  Why not just eat a couple of lumps of sugar instead and wash them down with a bit of hot water?  I mean really, 6 sugars, must be for all that energy needed driving a cab.


8 thoughts on “4-5-6 SUGARS….

  1. Thanks rjcudlip

    It was a green tea hut and having looked at A-Z i think it was on the Fulham road outside Brompton cemetery, but thanks for your reply.

    I enjoy photography and passed it without my camera then forgot location. Would like to return and take a shot of cabbies outside.


  2. Could someone please help?. I recently visited London and passed a cabbie`s tea hut some where near Chelsea football ground. Could anyone give a more precise location?.

    Thanks in anticipation.

    P.S love reading your site

    • Paul – thanks for visiting, appreciate your comments. The only green hut around there I can think of is by Battersea Bridge on Cheyne Walk, known in the trade as “The Kremlin”. I have no idea why! Can’t think of any other places near Chelsea…..

      Richard (cabbiescapital)

  3. Nice post, I used to work on Harewood Place and always wanted to visit the green hut on H/ver Sq. Of course, if you ever find yourself on Bethnal Green Road, you can get a really good cup of coffee, whether filter, cappuccino, milky, sugary, frothy or otherwise, at E Pellicci as well as decent food. The added bonus is that you can look at the superb marquetry on the walls too. Now, that is a jewel of a place in East London


  4. I love the fact that they actually sell bovril…So retro! Perhaps on your travels you should see if you can find Bovril sold anywhere else in London apart from Green Huts.

  5. I take neither milk nor sugar in my tea and coffee. That’s not because of any strange dietary obsessions but simply because I prefer them that way.

    I have never understood why people would put sugar in tea but recognize that you tend to continue the behaviour patterns of your childhood and that if you are brought up to sugaring your beverages then you will tend to continue doing so until something causes you to consider a change.

    If this cafe is so hard up that it needs to charge for sugar “over-use”, perhaps it should serve sugar in packets, charging a few pence for each. That would surely be better and more honest than the vague request to pay extra for “4-5-6 SUGARS” (which, by the way, doesn’t specify what the units of measurement are – what if a cabbie uses his own – big – spoon to take “1” sugar?).

    Are cabbies particularly known for having a sweet tooth?

    Come to think of it, I haven’t noticed many svelte cabbies 🙂

  6. …or maybe they are saving up for future needs?
    I’m a no sugar person when it comes to tea myself. As for coffee, I am extremely flexible. With lots of milk – or black. With sugar or without. It all depends on when, where and what mood I am in.
    But 4,5,6 sugars..? That’s a bit OTT.

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