cabbieTrack (TM) builds the map of my city…

31-Mar-09 to 23-May-09

As the geeks (sorry Blacko) behind cabbieTrack keep processing the data, so the map of London, as guided by my cab, builds nicely.  Click on the images for a larger version and you might be able to follow the bigger white line from the southern part of the map (cabbieTrack gets wider and brighter the more I use a road) you’ll see the route that I take into town 99.9% of the time.  Those of you that know SW London will be able to make out the outline of Clapham Common as I head north, the bend under the railway bridge in Queenstown Road before I head over the river at Chelsea Bridge.  The outline of the river is starting to take shape, and you can also make out some of the major landmarks as well, particularly the parks.  I can immediately see Battersea Park, St James’s Park, Green Park, Hyde Park and Regent’s Park.  The other major blank space in the centre of town is the west side of Soho, proof that unless you absolutely have to, it’s best avoided.  Because of the traffic, of course.  The red marks are where I have stopped, sometimes just at traffic lights but also at the major stations.  You can see concentrated clusters of red around Victoria, St Pancras/King’s Cross and Marylebone.  Off the top of the head the extremes of the map took me too (north) East Finchley, (north-east) Chigwell, (east) Cyprus DLR, (south east) Bromley, (west) Heathrow and (north west) Harrow.

And below, for good measure, is a close up of Hyde Park Corner, proving that it really is the hub of central London.

Hyde Park Corner


7 thoughts on “cabbieTrack (TM) builds the map of my city…

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    • I’m very well thanks, although I seem to be spreading myself a bit thin these days, hence no Londonist stuff. Yeah, I love these images, got a bit of an issue with hardware at the moment (I dropped it) but there should be some more images soon. Going to ask my geek friend to do a few shots that just show a days worth of data. The show how it builds up over the days/weeks. You well? See you are in the latest Smoke…..

  2. That is one of the more excellent things I have seen all week.

    Then again, it is only Monday. But it’s still very cool!

    • That BBC film was the inspiration for cabbieTrack – thank god I have a mate who used to do a bit of computer programming. Might have to stop soon though – tax man might get wind of it! :-))

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