london’s least used roads #5 – London Wall

london wall

all it needs is some tumbleweed

I can hear you all choking on your cornflakes or spluttering on you morning cuppa, but bear with me on this one. I’m not talking about THAT bit of London Wall at the eastern end that goes from Wormwood Street to Moorgate and always seems to be busy. Certainly at the moment it is as there appears to have been roadworks on that stretch since God was a boy. But London Wall has always been, certainly since I worked around here nearly 15 years ago, a road of two halves, one with a split personality, a schizoid thoroughfare. Because once you get to the bit west of Moorgate, you suddenly appear to be on an inner-city super highway that whisks you to The Rotunda (junction of St Martin’s Le Grand, Montague St and Aldersgate St), where you can then choose whether to head for the traffic chaos of Aldersgate Street heading north, or Newgate Street heading west. But for that glorius half a mile, you can get out of 2nd gear and even, possibly, threaten to reach the speed limit. See the photos for proof of how quiet this stretch of road really can be.

london wall III

looking west, towards the Museum of London

london wall II

looking west - must be some cars somewhere?


3 thoughts on “london’s least used roads #5 – London Wall

    • Done that one! As a double header with St Pancras Way, hardly ever used given that they are both dual carriage one-way streets!

      How’s things? Did you catch my appearance on Channel 4 news talking about Tweetalondoncab??

      I’m such a media dahling these days…


  1. The weird, and somewhat cliched, thing about that stretch of road is that as a pedestrian it always seems to fill with fast moving taxis just as you are wanting to cross it…

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