you can never have enough statues….

….or, if I was in a Monty Python mood; just one more wafer thin statue.


I’ve included the notes I had to write just now to help myself make sense of what I’d seen and tried to record yesterday; the inordinate number of statues in Parliament Square. Not content with the 7 statues that were already there in the middle of the square, commemorating the great and good of Britain (and elsewhere), it was decided to put Nelson Mandela there as well in 2007. Great to have a statue of Mandela, absolutely no problem with that, but it seems a shame to see him right on the SW edge looking a bit like he’s permanently trying to cross the road. And then you have some other characters floating around the outside of the square looking a little bit uncomfortable, like they’ve arrived at a party where they don’t know anyone. But the full list of those in the inner sanctum (the island in the middle of the square) goes something like this, from the NW corner;

As I mentioned before, there are more statues in the square, the most prominent of which are hanging around outside Middlesex Guildhall waiting for the big boys to invite them into their gang, desperate for a bit of attention are Gerorge Canning & Abraham Lincoln, see below for photos.  And that’s it, lot’s of pictures of statues taken on a beautiful sunny day in London as I wandered around like a tit in a trance while the cab is in the garage.  Some more photos from that walk will crop up here soon no doubt.  Careful out there in the heatwave, London is on the point of melting don’t you know……..

I want to be famous enough to have a roundabout named after me

I want to be famous enough to have a roundabout named after me

Some dusty old colonial

Some dusty old colonial


3 thoughts on “you can never have enough statues….

  1. We were in Bristol yesterday and if you say London was melting, then Bristol was too. Just walking in the street felt like being lost in the desert.

    My feelings about statues are mixed. There are few really good ones. Putting up a statue is the political equivalent of publishing a poet’s complete works: it means you’re now dead (or as good as) and slowly sinking into history. The difference with statues is that pigeons and gulls poo on them.

    My favourite in the statue of Shakespeare in Coventry. There is usually a pigeon perched on one of his hands and he looks as if he is sitting there smiling at it.

    In England we don’t pay much attention to statues. In Glasgow they do. Well, at least, someone always puts a traffic cone on the head of the Duke of Wellington. That’s a kind of attention…

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