tweet me, tweet me…..I’m a cab!


It’s a not every day you can paraphrase Duncan Norvelle is it?  But when you run your own blog there are times when you just want to stick two fingers up to the world, and there’s no better way of doing that than invoking a bit of Norvelle.

Those of you that do follow me on Twitter should have seen on Friday that there were more than one mentions in my stream of @tweetalondoncab, which I’ve helped @londontaximan take from his original idea to reality and  a launch of the service on Friday.  The full details of what  tweetalondoncab is all about are  here if you click, needless to say it sort of does what it says; send a tweet to book a cab. It’s very early days, and we have only completed a couple of jobs using the service, but we’ve proved it can work and once we make more people aware of what it’s all about we can start getting some regular users.  I was at Tuttle when we launched tweetalondoncab, a sort of drop-in centre for roaming social media types, and ended up having some really interesting chats about the potential of an idea like tweetalondoncab.  Initially viewed by us, the cabbies, as a one way service where people just send a request that we respond to, the brains at Tuttle quickly saw the greater potential that could happen here. (WARNING; to those not disposed to Twitter, look away now)  Rather than it being a one way service, how about if all the people that follow @tweetalondoncab looked out for any requests that might get them home?  So if someone in a bar in Mayfair requests a booking for 11pm to go to Tooting, all followers of tweetalondoncab can see that request, and if someone who is also in Mayfair lives near Tooting, they might could contact the person who requested the cab to see if they wouldn’t mind sharing.  Then the request could turn into a  Tooting via Wandsworth, the driver gets a better fare and the punters get to reduce the cost of getting home.  If we could get that side of it going as well, that really would be something pretty (and I make no apology for the word I’m about to use) cool.  And then there’s the holy grail of cab driving; a job to take you home.  Rarely acheived in my experience, but tweetalondoncab might be able to help with that too.  When a driver is ready to go home, there’s nothing to stop him putting a message out saying that he’s soon heading north/south/east or west and is there anyone looking for a cab in that direction?  All this is further down the line, we still need to get a head of steam up with ‘normal’ jobs and turn the amazing amount of goodwill we’ve had into work.  Watch this space for more news and to see how we get on over the next few weeks & months.  I’ve no idea right now if this will really work, but it won’t do us much harm if it doesn’t.  In fact, the drivers have already benefited by creating their own little Twitter community , one that can help each other with really useful real time information about where work is, where the worst traffic is and who’s turn it is to get the teas in.  That’s got to be good, right?

If you do use Twitter and hadn’t picked up on tweetalondoncab, then please have a look at the website, and think about us next time you need a cab.


One thought on “tweet me, tweet me…..I’m a cab!

  1. I m really worried as to the amount of yellow badges being issued,as a yellow badge myself I feel I can say this without any predidice,the surburban ranks have never been swamped with work,but the C\O continue to issue badges,why ? If the yellow badge is such a “mickey mouse” badge do away with it, after all the C/O are giving lincences to anyone that can fill in a form anyway,somthing that the cab trade as a whole should have never allowed. What happened to the criteria that we were told,ie no vehicles over 3 years old,local knowledge,ect

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