we ♥ Barafundle Bay…..

Rather then bore you all senseless with endless posts about my holibobs and how the Nokia N97 took such good photos & video, I thought I’d just pick out the best bit of the week.  And without doubt it was our day on the beach at Barafundle Bay.  The weather was kind and through pure fluke we picked THE best beach to visit.  Part of the National Trust property of Stackpole, Barafundle is a beauty and with the right weather you really could be in the Med.  It’s a bit of a walk, and here is a bit of video to prove that point; bugger, just realised that you have to upgrade on WordPress to embed video, Barafundle was nice – but not $60 nice – sorry! So here are a couple of photos of the bay instead.  Bit of a let down in the end…….but here’s the view on the walk from the car park….

walk to barafundle

and here’s the view that makes that walk worthwhile……..

barafundle bay

and from the sand dunes behind the beach…..

barafundle bay II

and finally the view from further down the coast but still part of the National Trust estate…..

stackpole cliffs

IMHO then, not much of a let down at all, in fact a pretty spectacular bit of coast.  Just goes to prove that if we could just sort out that pesky weather, you’d never have to leave this sceptered isle….


11 thoughts on “we ♥ Barafundle Bay…..

  1. My favourite beach in the whole world is Barafundle. My Dad rents out a fantastic holiday cottage nearby called Wood Cottage. The website has some amazing pictures of Barafundle beach and the local wildlife. Just Google Wood Cottage, Stackpole.

  2. As a Pembrokeshire lass-turned-Londoner, what a lovely surprise to see a photo of Barafundle! I was back home at the beginning of August seeing the parents and we went down to Barafundle for the day – the sun was out and it was glorious, from the top of the steps the sea looked almost turquoise.
    I’m not quite sure why it took you 7 hours to get there though…even the train takes less than 5 and driving is usually quicker. Did you go all the way there in your cab?!

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  4. Tigger and I long ago decided that we loved travelling about the British Isles. There are so many beautiful places, mercifully overlooked by those whose idea of a holiday is to stay legless for the duration and get a tan.

    Yep, been to Jersey too. It has some very good bits, such as the Devil’s Hole and the fun of trying to find anyone who still speaks Jersey Norman. (Or who was actually born in Jersey, come to that.)

    There is everything in this “jewel set in a silver sea”, whether you want a rural idyll, historical remains, artistic endeavour, adventure holidays.

    Did I mention Cornwall? And Wales? And the Isle of Man?

    Oh, I will make an exception: Paris. Must go to Paris from time to time!

  5. Does look lovely but if you are using Britain as a category rather than UK then that includes the Channel Islands. A little more effort needed to get there but well worth it as we have some stunning beaches… and of course Jersey is the sunniest place in Britain. Sea temperature there at the moment is over 18c.
    There are also some beautiful beaches on the Northumberland coast, though the North Sea is always very cold!

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