things what you can see near my house

As a gentle reintroduction back into the blogging world, I thought I’d have a gentle stroll around where I live.  With new camera in hand, the camera that is hopefully going to inspire we to share lots more stuff with you all, I didn’t venture further than about half a mile from my house. And this is what I found: signs that the long mooted gas mains work is finally happening further up my road and that they have surveyed outside my house ready to do us.  I just hope this Ben character is good at his job.


In the gallery that hopefully follows the rest of this text, you’ll be able to imagine you live near me.  Now how exciting must that be for you all.  You can turn left out of my front door & see the road works that are slowly working their way down the hill and my house, turn left by the post box and you’ll see the evidence of someone elses excesses from last night.  I keep my excesses private and my rubbish in a bin.  Rock ‘n’ roll.  If you go down the right little footpath on the other side of Rectory Lane you can find hidden away the old clock tower and some random columns, all that is left from St Benedict’s Hospital for the Chronically Ill which closed in 1981.  Emerge from the private estate that now bears the name of the old hospital onto Church Lane and you can find the scout hut which also doubles as the Sharona Stage School every Tuesday night. (insert own The Knack joke here)  Further down the road and you have Mitre Electrics who prize their alternators so highly that they keep the best ones on view for you in a glass cabinet.  Almost next door is Paws, the best charity shop in Tooting but strangely situated in a slightly obscure side road.  Then as I make my way home along the main road you have the usual mixture of shops which include Rick’s Cafe the best only proper restaurant in Tooting.  And to get back to my house you have to avoid the lure of Tooting Progressive Club (something my Great Uncle failed to do for about 30 years) before finally climbing back up the hill to home.

So there you have it for now.  With new camera being kept in the cab, I’m hoping to capture a lot of my city to share with you soon, I already have one half written post that will emerge blinking into the light in the next couple of days.  I won’t pretend you’ve missed me too much, but I’ve certainly missed the regular exercise my brain was gettting, so it’s good to be back…..


2 thoughts on “things what you can see near my house

  1. Good to see you back with your blogging pen poised for the coming weeks. Reading your little snippits of London, beats driving the cab around all night.
    Just try to come north of the river sometimes!

  2. We enjoy wandering around different parts of London and there are interesting things to be found nearly everywhere you go, like the 19th century wooden-fronted dispensary in Stratford, discovered yesterday.

    Another cabbie who takes alluring photos does his work at night in Montreal and writes in Canadian French, but his pictures usually don’t need words to be enjoyed: UN TAXi LA NUiT.

    I would give you another link, one about London and done by a cabbi (I think), but with two links in one comment, Akismet would send me to the spam folder, so I will say it is called “Knowledge of London”, which should be easy to find.

    I hope you continue showing us your finds as I hope to go and look at some of them myself!

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