it’s been a while – have you missed me?

As you can see from the photos taken whilst out and about with my iPhone, I haven’t been completely idle for the past 3 months, oh no, I’m very busy and important.  Amongst other things I have been;

  • eating porridge,
  • watching X Factor with the Cabbette, and in the midst of doing so invented a new bit of slang.  Jedward are indeed, a couple of X Factor’s….,
  • having staring contests with Woody the cat,
  • buying a cardigan,
  • delivering leaflets on behalf of a certain political party that people reckon have no chance of winning the next election,
  • mixing it with the illegal minicabs outside Oxo – and being happy to take work off them, even when punters only go to Southwark Station,
  • seeing the wall of ice go up in Belgrave Square to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall,
  • listening to, and tweeting about, Dexys Midnight Runners, only to be told that Phil Collins is better,
  • crossing Albert Bridge while I still can,
  • eating ginger & creme fraiche scones,
  • staring at blank pieces of paper that eventually got filled with stuff,
  • going to Kilburn to watch Luke Haines and actually, you know, meet real people and talk to them,
  • laughing out loud when my twitter stream shows “Well done Scholesy!” and “spawny little ginger twat” in consecutive tweets,
  • mightily impressed by the Cabbette drawing of Woody the cat,
  • visited William Morris’s house in darkest norf London,
  • receiving a taxi door-stop as a Xmas present,
  • trying to get the record for a photo with the most amount of cabbies chatting in The Gas Chamber (the underground rank at Euston), I think the current (disputed) record is 9,
  • taking photos of Battersea Power Station with my iphone that make the power station look like it’s a bout 3 miles away,
  • watching Chelsea play and not really caring much about it,
  • eating very expensive sausages for the my birthday (to be followed a few weeks later by a trip up West to eat in the Skylon and get over emotional watching Warhorse)
  • entering the Cabbette’s knitted cat into TV Burp’s the K Factor,
  • buying new trainers,
  • switching my meter on and being ready to work before 9am on at least one occasion,
  • listening to Thomas Dolby and wondering what on earth made me decide to buy a whole albums worth of his via iTunes,
  • discovering, with the help of my tweeting cabby colleagues, that there is a taxi rank outside Quaglino’s.

And from now on, at least until I next lose interest, I intend to keep you much more up to date to what’s going on in the Cabbies Capital world.  I hope you’ll all forgive me my laziness and let’s see if we can all get back into the swing of things together.


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