sunday jaunt……

we didn't, honest....

Perhaps I’ve got them well trained, more hopefully the Capital family have genuinely taken on board my enthusiasm for the fine details of this city.  But either way, when looking for a Sunday trip out we shun the bright lights of the West End and head off to mooch about the back streets of SE1 instead.

Finally starting to leave my butterboy status behind (coming up to 4 years a cabby in April), and in no small measure thanks to @tweetalondoncab and the drivers I’ve met through it, I’m a bit more savvy about the inner workings of the cab trade these days.  It also means I spend more time drinking tea and chatting at cabby watering holes like Great Suffolk Street (basically a big prefab hut in an old petrol station car park), which finally leads me to the location & subject of this post.  Tucked away in the sprawl of streets between Southwark Street & Elephant & Castle you find a strange mixture of stuff.  A bloody great crown court for one, the marvellously named & useful cabby cut through Union Street is another.  But we came out specially to have a look down Copperfield Street, a narrow little affair that doesn’t really take you anywhere useful, apart from the excellent sign pictured above, which is stuck to the back of The Borough Welsh Congregational Chapel, whose entrance you’ll find just round the corner on Southwark Bridge Road.

we didn't, honest...

So what exactly is in Copperfield Street to justify a trip of it’s own.  Truth be told, not much, but what is there, is truly charming and just that little bit other worldy.  Cute little houses, cobbled streets, it’s just, er, nice.  And then if you explore a bit more around the area you can find the Welsh Chapel (and it’s slightly stern sign) the GEC gates (that now lead to a car park) and some bits of polystyrene sticking out of a wall.  What else would you want to do with a few spare hours on a Sunday?


4 thoughts on “sunday jaunt……

  1. wow, i live in SE1, just 5 mins from Copperfield St, I love to come there, its like being transferred into the Dickens London, and it remains untouched. The area’s street names reflect that link with Dickens- David Coppedfield, Pickwick, Weller, Quilp, Lant St, Marhalsea Road- it has a really interesting story to it..I really enjoy your blog and photos- please keep up the great job and come to SE1 again….

  2. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the fantastic work Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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