Until You (I) Come Back To Me (You)….

……and start filling this blog with all sorts of stuff and nonsense. Like blog post titles that are references to 80’s songs I may have purchased in the dim & distant past.  But after being busy doing other stuff for most of this year, I’ve made a conscious decision to make time to start writing this blog again.  That means stopping my involvement with Tweetalondoncab and leaving it in the capable hands of others.  My intention is to write a lot more about the day to day happenings of driving a cab, along with all the bits & bobs I come across that fascinate me about the wonderful city that is London.  I’ll also be setting some regular quizzes and tests of obscure places around town, starting with an Xmas Quiz.  As friends and family get first look at my now regular Xmas Quiz, you’ll all have to wait until after Boxing Day, but look out for it being put up here soon after that, so you have something to fill the void between Xmas and New Year.  Meanwhile I’ll leave you with a picture taken just before the first lot of snow fell this year as I walked over  Tower Bridge, I posted the picture on Twitter (where you can now find me as @mrcudlip) and it seems I wasn’t the only one seeing London under a purple sky that early evening.

I’m pleased to be back blogging, I hope there are some of you left out there who want to read what I write.


5 thoughts on “Until You (I) Come Back To Me (You)….

  1. It’s about time you came back into the fold, its been hard work, virtually on my own, keeping up the London Cabbie Blogsphere. I look forward to reading more in the New Year.
    Congratulations with the success of Tweet-a-London-Cab.
    I see your window stickers on lots of cabs. They have even mentioned it on radio.

    • Well you’ve been doing a damn fine job in my absence! Tweetalondoncab has been fun (on the whole) and interesting but is taking up far too much of my time, hence me stepping away and letting others run it. Give myself time to do some nice, stress free stuff :-))

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