Swimming the knowledge

Well, not quite. But you can’t be me if you don’t relate pretty much everything you do to the knowledge, being a cab driver or London generally. So it was with some joy that I noticed that the amount I have swum in training this week was roughly the same as the first blue book run on the Knowledge, the infamous Manor House Station to Gibson Square.

These are the little things that will keep me focused and motivated over the next 4 and a half months, because I spent ages thinking about doing this thing, wondering what the response will be and then you just do it and get a bit overwhelmed. Having only decided last Sunday to do the Human Race Poole Swim the response in the following few days was great. An email from my older sister (mum to Luke who this is partly about) telling me off for making her cry, first generous donation from a friend I shared a house with 25 years ago, 2 extremely generous donations from friends of my sister in the US, a decision by me to sell some unused technology and put proceeds to ‘the cause’. Already, my target of £1,000 was looking foolishly on the low side. So a quick decision to really try and push this and the target has gone to £3,000, £1k per charity.

So now this is all building up and got way past the changing my mind stage, I’m going to need to track what I’m doing. Get things in order to make sure I personally stay on track. Any excuse for a spreadsheet. My wife joked earlier in the week that I’d need a swimming training spreadsheet. Well, she was about 2 days late with that one. That spreadsheet has now expanded to show how much I’ve swum in training and how much you lot have helped me raise.  And, obviously, I’m sharing all of this with you. Here are the important (to me at least) numbers to date;

And this is the daddy spreadsheet. Don’t judge, these things make me happy.

And if this nudges any of you to donate, here is the link for that;



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