Plodding along


Hammy the Hamster ready to train

Another week, another swimming update. Having finally joined South London Swimming Club all my swimming is now in the Lido so, of course, the weather has got worse. My first swim this week was in a balmy 14 degrees but by Thursday we were back to 12 degrees. If you haven’t experienced swimming in a cold water pool, that sort of temperature is classed as “brass monkeys”, just above “fucking freezing” but not quite “ball aching”. Definitely need to work on my breathing and getting used to those first couple of lengths, even tried breathing to both sides this morning but that was a complete failure. Anyway, I did manage 18 lengths on Friday at my plodding pace (a shade under 44 mins) so overall very happy with my progress. As for the fundraising, that is certainly way ahead of schedule with the total as of this morning £1,078.34. So that initial target is smashed already and I’m very hopeful that the new one of £3k is achievable, huge thanks to all who have donated thus far.

Here is the all important spreadsheet….

And if you haven’t donated yet and wish to do so…………


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