Unfinished business


So, you train hard, focus harder, wind yourself up into a tighter than tight bundle of nerves, then the weather intervenes. After all the hype, all my nagging for you all to sponsor me (and apparently 2 months of mill pondesque sea conditions) the remnants of a storm that skirted the south coast on Friday and Saturday put paid to all that effort. The organisers took the sensible, but hugely disappointing, decision to cancel the Poole swim on Friday night.

Despite knowing that there was now way I would have completed the swim in the prevailing conditions, I’ve still never felt quite such a sense of disappointment. Certainly not since I was, wrongly, given out LBW on 84 when playing the innings of my life in Barbados. But, irrational as it may seem, I feel I’ve let people down, that the £2k you’ve helped me raise is “unearned” and that I still need to do something to make that right. What that something might be I haven’t quite worked out. I’m already doing a 2k swim for Macmillan this coming Saturday but, if I’m honest, that’s a relatively easy distance for me to complete. So I’m looking for another, bigger challenge and would certainly welcome suggestions for anything swim based you lot might come up with. Perhaps I’ll just have to try and swim as far as possible in the Lido (current longest swim is 40 lengths, 3.6k) with some friends and family to validate what I do, but there is a possibility my challenge might have to wait until next summer. But either way, watch this space because I have some unfinished business.




One thought on “Unfinished business

  1. You have done really well Richard . No you have not let us down . Their is time place for everything . So what about keeping the swimming going. Then come next spring do the mileage you were going to do yesterday and then come September do the longer distance . That gives you two challenges maybe one first one on Hampstead ponds then the sea one or the Serpentine ? So that the Cabbies who want to challenge you can do so ? . You did your very best . This is not lost .you will be all the fitter for next year

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