rjc1Well, yes, here you are, general t’interweb surfer, close friend or family member, or (like me) London obsessive.  It’s all a bit intimidating really, there I was thinking that I would set up a web site, talk about my London and generally put the world to rights.  Now, after much umming & not a small amount of ahhing, the web site is real and there is actually some stuff for you to look at.  Already, the site has undergone about 25 revisions but is finally settling down into something that reflects me and my London.  Hopefully you will find the site easy to navigate around and you might even find something interesting here.

So have a rummage around then and, if you like, tell me what you think by contacting me at rjcudlip@gmail.com.


The Cabbie


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello The Cabbi

    Thanks for your article on cab apps
    Hailo , has kicked off in Dublin .
    3 taxi drivers , along with Hailo have been soliciting drivers to take up the service , here the situation is desperate with a deregulated market since 2003 ., and an explosion of Psv operators .(,more cabs than New York),playing into the hands of Taxi despatch companies by bringing in discounting on fares, needless to say drivers will try a thing now to get punters !

    Look @ http://www.Irishdrivers,org ., to get an idea of the situation
    All the best

    Mervyn Jones

  2. Dear Cabbie,

    Love your blog. I am looking for some cabbies that are interested in art to take part in some filming for a Sky arts show, it would involve participants, looking at some art by 6 contemporary artists and commenting on it. Obviously, we are looking for people that have strong opinions and lots to say, whether they love it or hate it. Many thanks. Also is there a central cabbies messsage board, that I could put a similar shout out on? Thanks

  3. Hi Richard, I enjoyed your post on cab apps a lot. I am currently developing one that would be free for both driver and customer and I’d love to discuss its features with some drivers. You seem to have thought quite extensively about this topic and it would be great if we could have a chat. Would you be up for it? Thanks! Matt

  4. Dear Cabbie,

    Nice blog.

    I have added u to my favourites.

    I shall be back.

    Unfortunately for you I am a cyclist commuter. So you just know you are going to get the sharp edge of my tongue every time I have an altercation with one of your colleagues (or perhaps even you).

    I shall do my best to keep it civil.

    Best wishes (or should I say b lucky).

    Titan yer Tummy

  5. Great website, Richard!
    I share your interest about London and its buildings and streets etc. I rarely walk around the capital without a camera. My children are (understandibly) fed up with me stopping at just about every street corner, to take pictures of roofs, balconies, scaffolding, churches and well…trafffic lights or litter bins.

    Plus, interesting to find so much information on the world of cabbies on one single website. Taking a cab and chatting with cabbies is part of the joy when visiting London. You learn so much and I have always admired your very special knowledge.
    I will add your site to my blog roll and keep reading.

  6. Nice blog

    I’ve heard from a couple of cabbies that their fares often jump in and assume that they can share a nice bit of racism in some kind of taxi based bubble.

    Does this happen to you. How do you deal with it if it does?

    • It’s happened a few times, people try and test the waters with a couple of general right wing comments. If I don’t nip it in the bud it can quite quickly descend into an anti immigrant rant. It’s then that I bring out the big guns and give my passenger a quick London history lesson, pointing out that without immigrants coming in for the past 500+ years London would not be the magnificent, vibrant city that it is. It doesn’t always shut them up completely but there’s normally a few minor rumblings and then silence for the rest of the journey.
      My cab is a bigot free zone, front & back of the cab.

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