we ♥ Barafundle Bay…..

Rather then bore you all senseless with endless posts about my holibobs and how the Nokia N97 took such good photos & video, I thought I’d just pick out the best bit of the week.  And without doubt it was our day on the beach at Barafundle Bay.  The weather was kind and through pure fluke we picked THE best beach to visit.  Part of the National Trust property of Stackpole, Barafundle is a beauty and with the right weather you really could be in the Med.  It’s a bit of a walk, and here is a bit of video to prove that point; bugger, just realised that you have to upgrade on WordPress to embed video, Barafundle was nice – but not $60 nice – sorry! So here are a couple of photos of the bay instead.  Bit of a let down in the end…….but here’s the view on the walk from the car park….

walk to barafundle

and here’s the view that makes that walk worthwhile……..

barafundle bay

and from the sand dunes behind the beach…..

barafundle bay II

and finally the view from further down the coast but still part of the National Trust estate…..

stackpole cliffs

IMHO then, not much of a let down at all, in fact a pretty spectacular bit of coast.  Just goes to prove that if we could just sort out that pesky weather, you’d never have to leave this sceptered isle….


On tour with Cabbies Capital…..

…….I’ve been out of the country for a little while, on me holibobs.  Only a week and “only” to Wales, but is a different country and I really thought I might need my passport.  After all, you do pay for the privilige of entering Wales, if you chose to do so by the M4 over the Severn Bridge anyway.  But off to Llangwyn Ferry we went and I was equipped with a new toy to play with, a trial N97 courtesy of 1000 Heads and the people involved with WOMWorld & Nokia.  This won’t turn into an ad for the N97, I have an iPhone after all.  But you will find me mentioning what I do or don’t like about it, and things like how all the photos & video that I took on me holibobs where all taken on the N97.  Tell me if I’m boring you all already…..

Back to Wales though.  The Cabbie family like Wales, something to do with do Mr & Mrs Cabbie visiting Stout Hall on the Gower Peninsula whilst at Middle School.  We’ve done South, North & Mid-Wales but never Pembrokeshire.  And now I know why.  It’s lovely and, as you see from the photos, has some amazing beaches, but boy is it a long way from London.  Almost 7 hours it took us to get to our cottage. 7 hours!  Good grief.  But despite some dodgy weather, we had a great time and I hope to reflect that over the next few posts by showing off where we went & some of what we did.  But having moaned about the time & effort of getting there we did arrive to this view;

(actually taken on my iPhone but don't tell anyone)

(actually taken on my iPhone but don't tell anyone)

and this is where we stayed for the week;

heron cottage - small but perfectly formed.

heron cottage - small but perfectly formed.